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David Handler David Handler


Click to Play

Click to Play

"Fast paced, frantic, and head spinning, Handler's latest is no ordinary thriller: it's distinctly odd and wildly over the top, but it's also tautly constructed and thoroughly involving, boasting equal doses of Hollywood glamour and show-biz craziness."

A dying child star from television's golden age reaches out to a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist with an explosive revelation: The real truth behind the most famous murder spree in Hollywood history. A secret so shocking that it will absolutely destroy the beloved U.S. Senator who is poised to become America's next president.

For young Hunt Liebling, a fallen star reporter turned insurgent Internet blogger, it's a chance to get his career back on the fast track. And to get even with the ruthless media baron who has crafted the ascent of that very same U.S. Senator. But when Hunt walks in on an all-new Hollywood massacre he discovers he's no longer just reporting the news. He is the news—the prime suspect in the slayings. On the run from both the law and the real killers.

Overnight, Hunt Liebling becomes the most wanted rampage murderer in America: The Unablogger. As he makes a desperate race across the country toward a tiny town called Balltown, Iowa, Hunt's only hope is that he can expose a terrible half-century-old secret before it destroys him—along with everyone who he loves.

He can't afford to fail. If he does then the next occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will give a whole new meaning to the word monster.

Click to Play is currently out of print.

Severn House, hardcover, December 2009, ISBN: 9780727868114